Top 5 Signs of Healthy Relationships

The qualities of a healthy relationship are commonly misconstrued.

Couples lose that enigmatic spark more often than not. Why? Simply put, the relationship’s core foundation was not meant to last. Without a solid structure, the relationship will be unbalanced. Unfortunately, this disturbance often leads to an early demise of a seemingly loving partnership.

I know what you’re asking yourself.

How in the world can we prevent this from happening? Here’s the kicker: this cannot ever truly be prevented. If a relationship sours, there was likely good reason.

However, these signs of demise can be noticed. With the right tools, the people involved just might be able to save their relationship. There are five significant qualities that enforce structured, balanced, and happy relationships.

1. Communication

This point should be clear and painstakingly obvious. Do you and your significant other communicate well regarding daily happenings? If not, you should rethink your involvement with the person.

You don’t need to discuss everything with your partner. The fact that you went to the bathroom twice in 30 minutes is not necessarily vital to discussion. Nevertheless, you should both feel comfortable discussing significant thoughts and occurrences with one another. You should not feel pressured to leave your work at the office. If you are having a stressful work week, your partner should want to help you through it.

You may often find yourself venting daily frustrations while talking with each other. This is normal. Repay the kindness to your significant other when necessary.

Sitting idly after an argument will lead to unnecessary turmoil. Waiting too long to divulge important information about work, school, or arising family concerns will create tension.

In a healthy relationship, discussion should be frequent.

2. Trust

If you can’t trust your partner why are you still together?

Take a good look at your relationship. Are you constantly wondering what your significant other is doing when you aren’t together? Does a work day apart without communication leave you frazzled, nervously wondering whether your relationship is truly intact?

Without trust, a relationship really has no true foundation. You must trust a person in order to build up a relationship.

Have you been asked multiple times of your whereabouts by your partner? Stop and truly give this some thought. Are you actually doing something wrong behind his/her back? If so, shame on you! Have the decency to be honest with your partner. Leading someone on is wrong on multiple levels.

Now, if you have been mistakenly questioned by your partner, it’s entirely possible he/she has trust issues. If this is the case, it may be time to sit down with your significant other for a deep discussion.

Trust is the foremost building block of a healthy relationship. Without this quality, your relationship will crumble at the slightest hiccup. It could happen today, next week, or three years down the road.

If trust is not developed at the start of your relationship, you will never create a truly secure bond.

3. Passion

The level of passion evident in a relationship is dependent upon the couple in question. Some couples are extremely passionate, whereas others are not.

The intensity of passion is not really relevant.

What matters is that passion truly exists in your relationship.

Let me be clear. Passion does not necessarily entail showing the world through avid make out sessions of your coupling. Nor does it require frequent sexual meetings.

To put it simply, passion refers to comfort with one another. A couple should feel comfortable showing their affection when the right opportunity arises. It means that the relationship is not cold.

A passionate relationship consists of warm embraces, mutual comfort, and the desire to spend genuine time together.

Top 5 Signs of Healthy Relationships - Common Interests

4. Common Interests

Without similar interests your relationship will never flourish.

If one person enjoys a particular hobby, the other should be open to discussing it. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy your significant other’s favorite activity!

A couple truly begins understanding their common interests in the first stage of dating. It wasn’t long into our relationship before my husband and I figured this out. Finding an entertaining pastime while spending a quiet evening together should not be terribly difficult.

While you both may need space on certain nights, you should enjoy certain things together. Maybe you and your partner play Monopoly while enjoying a television show you both love. If the night is still young and the weather is fair, maybe you two enjoy walks along the nearby bike path.

Common interests will provide ample discussion topics. Take advantage of your time together.

5. Time Apart

While couples should desire the opportunity to spend time together, their time apart should be just as refreshing.

This notion rings true especially for couples residing in the same household. Time apart provides you with breathing room. It is at this point that you can concentrate on your personal interests – passions that, perhaps, your partner doesn’t enjoy participating in.

Let’s pretend, for example, that you’re an avid runner, but your partner prefers weightlifting for exercise. Going for a run during your time apart would be time well spent.

Your time apart should provide you with a slight sense of desire. The next time you are both together, you should feel a sense of genuine excitement.

Now, if you are not spending time apart from your partner, you are likely spending far too much time together. How will you generate interesting conversation if there is no news to share? Your conversation will eventually run dry, and you will grow immensely bored with one another’s company.

Your time apart doesn’t need to be exciting. You don’t need to spend it doing something highly adventurous. What matters is that you spend that time doing something that will later be worthy to share in conversation. It may be something as dry as, “I read a great novel today! Let me tell you about the plot.” Or, “I ran three miles today!”

It’s the little things in life that create good conversation. Spend your time apart well, and your relationship will flourish.

How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

Does your relationship show evidence of all 5 qualities? If so, congratulations! Your likelihood for longevity with your partner is strong.

If, however, your relationship is missing one or two traits, please tread carefully. These qualities are universal. If one or two is clearly absent from your relationship, a terrible day may be awaiting you down the road.