Change Isn't the Answer: 4 Things to Do Instead

We cannot enforce change.

Once a person is freely set in their ways, drastic measures will not alter their path. Not if their current direction is a personal choice.

As a people, we need to become more understanding. Society attempts to enforce this notion of normal onto unsuspecting individuals. Folks who have found their niche off the beaten path, apart from a normalcy so idealized by the many.

But normal is overrated.

Those differences – qualities, interests, abilities – make us unique. They help maintain the fullness of this world. For if we were all the same, would there be any progress? If we tried enforcing change to craft a flat, stagnant populace, would we still seek the unknown?

Would creative, imaginative thinkers produce writings to motivate? Would gifted artists illustrate the world in hopes of inspiring the rest of us?

We cannot hope to remain in this world of possibility if we aim to change humanity. We will not progress by altering the path of another simply because it is different; unique.

Chaos – all that differs around us – must be embraced.

Each personality that walks upon this green Earth should be appreciated. We must love people for their strength, perseverance, and gifts. But most of all, we must support others for their character; for all that makes them whole.

You may not click with everyone you encounter. Still, those with whom you have formed relations caught your initial attention for a reason. Why alter the thing that forged that connection? Why change the unique qualities of those people?

What would this accomplish? Perhaps you will craft a soul not capable of thriving. A person unable to reach personal success because the gift that provided that possibility was manipulated. Altered. Destroyed simply to maintain a normal outside the realm of human nature.

The point of our differences isn’t to change them, but rather to utilize them.

Creative thinkers give hope for progress. Scientific minds advance civilization through innovation, technology, and research. Selfless individuals teach the new generation of history and the world’s natural wonders.

Don’t aim to change what you don’t understand. Here are some things you can do instead.

1) Embrace the Unique

We are not the same. Why push for it? Why force the rest to follow a similar path, dream, or ambition?

It is with those differences that the world progresses with full force.

We rely on different ideologies, mindsets, backgrounds, and ambitions to create the potential for a better future. Perhaps your newest friend views the world differently than you. Don’t disregard his opinion. Refrain from brushing his views aside because they do not fit in with the normal you are accustomed to.

Normal is overrated. It is with the opposition of this normalcy that our world steadily progresses.

Thus, we must embrace the unique. We should view differing opinions with an open-mind.

We may have been created equal. But the differences so apparent among us provide insight. Those variances illustrate the possibilities in a world so heavy with potential.

We cannot hope to live within a populace carrying the same mindset. Don’t try to change another. Instead, embrace the differences. You never know what opportunities those unique qualities could create.

2) Search for Other Relationship Outlets

Is this person’s outlook on life a stark difference to your own? Is your perspective deeply opposing?

If so, you may feel change is the only option. You might believe it is your duty to alter their mindset to match yours. If this is the case, it’s likely you aren’t meant to build a relationship with this person.

Whether it be a friend, lover, or business partner – too much opposition can create tension.

The relationships formed from opposing ideologies may not be maintainable. They may turn out deeply unhealthy; destined for tragedy.

In these cases, it’s best to figure out those differences quickly. As early in the relationship as possible, you should consider going separate ways – amicably, of course. That person could prove themselves a great asset in the future.

Work to forge relations with those more aligned with your line of thought.

In the end, changing a person is never the answer. You can motivate, perhaps try to inspire a healthy alternative. But is this person set in their ways? Is their path relatively healthy? If so, why change it? Would it really be fair to this individual?

Consider how you would feel in this situation. If you find you do not click with another, discontinue the relationship before you begin changing them. If it’s meant to be, both parties will work with those differences rather than against them.

3) Find a Way to Relate

You will never agree with everyone. Still, you can relate to people.

At some level, we are all searching and hoping for similar things. Whether it be a desire to travel the world, a hope to run a 5k marathon with a worthy finish time, or a hearty interest in cooking.

You aren’t alone in your love of hiking, photography, or reading. Along with many others, you may consider yourself a coffee enthusiast, actively searching for the newest blends.

To put it plainly, there are plenty of people out there interested in the same things.

Though you and another may not click entirely, you may share a common link. There is likely room to craft a person relationship purely based on similar interests. Look for an outlet to which you can relate. Find those commonalities, cultivate them, and provide them room to grow.

You may share more similarities than you know.

Don’t let their differing perspective fool you. Don’t let their unique mindset stand in the of a potentially lasting friendship. Good relations can be forged in the most unexpected places if one is willing to persevere.

4) Reflect on Your Life

Perhaps your way of doing things is wrong. Compared to another, your motto may not be nearly as effective.

You could be supportive of a philosophy passed down from a previous generation that has aged. A perspective no longer applicable to the present world.

There is not merely one way of doing things.

We live in a world of prosperity. A place which requires freethinking and creative endeavor to succeed.

As you sit in that office cubicle, you are actively considering the best route to tackle that paperwork. You are pondering how you will efficiently finish your morning duties in time for lunch. You may work with someone who handles things in a different manner. Though their means may be questionable, it works for them. Why change it?

Take a tip from their book. Figure out how their time-management style could benefit you. You might learn more from this person than you think. A new outlook on life won’t hurt.

Reflect. Figure out how those differences you witness on a daily basis make the world stronger. Success relies on creativity. Perhaps your goals require a new philosophy.

Change Isn’t the Answer

We cannot hope for progress if we continuously attempt to alter the present.

As a populace, we are different. Our understanding of the world, philosophies we live by, and personalities we hone are complex; unique.

Society may deem what is different abnormal, but those differences make us human. Why change what works for another? Not all athletes train in the same manner. Each artist reaches creativity through a different mode of inspiration.

You never know what interesting folks you’ll meet.